At The Original Hot Dog Factory, we understand that the hot dog is quintessentially American and each great US city has its own classic hot dog style.

We have more than two dozen regionally (and globally) inspired takes on the classic, all-beef American hot dog. We’re already a local favorite in Atlanta, and working tirelessly to make our gourmet, quick-service hot dogs available across the United States.

The Original Hot Dog Factory was founded in 2010. The brand was acquired by serial entrepreneur Dennis McKinley in 2015 and began franchising in 2017.

We currently operate 2 company-owned stores in Atlanta with franchise locations in Philadelphia, Houston, and Brooklyn.

Our hot dogs are also sold at sports stadiums in Georgia and Pennsylvania. We currently have 40 pending franchise commitments across North Carolina, Alabama, Tennessee and Michigan to name a few. These stores are projected to open within 24-36 months.