Happy National Hot Dog Day, Atlanta: Here Are The Best ‘Dogs’

For National Hot Dog Day, Barleygarden Kitchen & Craft Bar in Alpharetta will be a popular place to be!

Barleygarden, located in the Avalon shopping center, is the perfect spot to beat the heat and enjoy a cold beer and delicious “dog.” Favorite “dogs” include the Chicken CheddarBest, Knockwurst-Brautwurst, Sweet Italian or Beef Kielbasa sausage,  each of which will hit the spot. You can also dress up your hot dog in five different topping combos known as the Frontier, Philly, Bavaria, Corndog and Amigo for an additional $2 or under.

Mouth-watering combo toppings include turkey chili, cheese, red peppers and onions, sauerkraut, gluten-free corndog batter, jalapeño pickle relish and more.

4. The Original Hot Dog Factory Downtown

75 Piedmont Ave NE #150, Atlanta

Courtesy: Atlantafi

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